Franz Collection Inc.

Porcelain was invented by the Chinese 1400 years ago and called “white gold” in ancient Europe. However, after the Industrial Revolution, most porcelain tableware has been made by machine, gradually losing its artistic value. Established in 2001, Franz Collection aims to revive Chinese porcelain heritage by combing traditional handicraft and modern technology and integrating classical, contemporary, Eastern and Western aesthetics.

The brand has won numerous awards, including “Best in Gift” Award from 2002 New York International Gift Show with its “Papillon” collection, “Best Ceramic Gift” Award from The Guild of Specialist Retailers of UK and “Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts” from UNESCO 5 years in a row.

Mother Nature is the master of all mankind. Inspired by nature and Chinese philosophy, FRANZ interprets the perfection and harmony among Heaven, Earth, and Humanity and records the wonders of nature by depicting the flowers in bloom, birds in flight, animals in action and fish in water. It is unfortunate that nature is in danger due to pollutions and devastation caused by human activities. Through one of the most symbolic cultural inventions of the East – porcelain, FRANZ hopes everyone can appreciate the essence of the Eastern philosophy and care for our Mother Nature.

FRANZ originates from the essence of Chinese culture and continues drawing inspiration from different cultures and forms of art. The brand strives to create perfect works by combining the powers of technology for truth, culture for kindness, and art for beauty. As an innovative brand, FRANZ not only acquired patent for its “Method of Making A Ceramic Ornament Having Short Undercuts On Surface” but also introduced 3D printing technology into its production, enabling technical breakthroughs in terms of form, color and texture.