Jerónimo Sainz de Agüero

Artist, teacher, biologist, and potter whose work spans pottery, performance, participative art, installation, and sculpture. His practice revolves around the dialogue between his curatorial, artistic, and teaching activities. Jerónimo artwork explores three main branches: Biological bauplan and Nature’s patterns, Anthropomorphosis and character construction, and queering processes related to trade, techniques, and objects. Jerónimo critically engages the participation, appreciation, and recognition of art, craft, trade, and clay/ceramics. He has showcased his work in more than 30 national and international exhibitions, including several Contemporary Ceramics Biennales in Mexico and the Ceramic’s National Award. As the founder of El Engaño in 2012, a creative space in Mexico City dedicated to art, pottery, and education, Jerónimo fosters a diverse community of artists, potters, designers, and ceramists. He is also a founding member of Galería de Cerámica Contemporánea, a nomad art gallery exploring ceramics in contemporary art. Alongside teaching activities and active participation in podcasts, talks, seminars, congresses, and residencies, Jerónimo has curated numerous exhibitions that highlight the intersections of art, ceramics, and trades.


Jerónimo Sainz de Agüero


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