Petra Lindenbauer

In her work, Petra Lindenbauer proves to be a ceramic artist rooted in the classic modern ceramic tradition of Austrian masters like Michael Powolny and Lucie Gomperz-Rie. It is characteristic of this tradition that no distinction is made between free ceramic artistic work, a road that leads to the work of master potter Kurt Ohnsorg and the self-restriction to ceramics of use in clay and porcelain, a lifelong passion, which led Lucie Rie to world fame in her pieces. Petra Lindenbauers work as a ceramic artist has brought this quality of applied ceramic art into our times.

Lindenbauers artistic career has led her to a complex understanding of being a maker of ceramics: from working in architectonic contexts to free artistic forms and the commitment of developing perfect forms for table sets and services used in the high-end gastronomy. Ardent studies of the different approaches to working with clay, from Japan to China, the Middle East and Europe and the ongoing participation in symposia, workshops and exhibitions worldwide have led her practical work to the level of artistic quality we feel in every little bowl that comes from her wheel and out of her kiln.
The perfect mastery of clay and porcelain working unites with an ability to develop new levels of expression e.g. in the exchange with master chefs of the best restaurants in Austria. Thus, the ceramics of Petra Lindenbauer are applied art in the best sense of the word, being supportive and autonomous at the same time.
Petra Lindenbauer has established a unique approach to ceramic artistry in Austria, picking up the big tradition, making it easy for me to see pieces from her hand as valuable additions to our worldclass ceramics collection at the MAK, Vienna.

Dr. Rainald Franz
Curator Glass and Ceramics Collection
MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst |
Museum of Applied Arts
Vienna Austria