Toni Hambleton

My approach to clay has been one of constant experimentation and discovery in which every work becomes a new learning experience. In 1993, for the catalogue of an exhibition I had in Puerto Rico, I wrote:

« Walking in the valley at the foot of the pyramids in ruins; picking up fragments of fallen walls….How many times I pretended to reconstruct the spaces, decipher the fading designs and writings…discover their hidden secrets and feel history in my hands…”

It is from these memories that I explore my work with clay. They are constructions made with slabs creating spaces that invite us to search, to explore, to remember, to dream. My work in ceramics is a continuous game in which many of my pieces start from the accident, an accident that makes me explore new ways. These are my ruins, my old walls. A fascination that comes from Mexico, my country, land of millenary constructions and deconstructions, that awaken in me a love for the old, the lived, the history that was and the history that could be….. that invites me to dream.


Toni Hambleton


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