Alejandra Jones

For years, while raising my daughters, my work was intimate and linked to family and social bonds. In this period, I worked with totem-like shapes expressing the static conception of life of many people and the difficulty to modify this behavior.

Later on, this vision changed and during a residency I began to work with egg shapes as a metaphor for life, then static totem-shapes turn into the egg-like shapes, in shapes I found as an excellent support to express different ideas, feelings and situations.

A few years ago, I started a new series “Step by Step” using feet and shoe shapes with which I work the possible paths and options to walk through life.

Today I have two lines of work using eggs and flowers to express feelings, and the series “Step by Step” which reflect social behaviors and choices.

Finally, I believe that all these feelings and reflections gave me the possibility to build my own path in life and in my work as an artist.


Alejandra Jones




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