Simcha Even-Chen

In her sculptures, Simcha Even-Chen display on interplay between “free form” three dimensional forms and two-dimensional patterns. Evoking mathematical structures, a tension is created via contrast of geometric pattern and organic shape, with the final outcome forming an “amorphic” shape like “ribbon”, that challenge the viewers to follow their imaginative interpretation.
Utilizing porcelain’s intrinsic qualities and will to collapse, enables her to push porcelain to its extremes and the edge of the collapse and get the “amorphic” shapes, which she is looking for, ensuring the sculpture to become an energetic from. The final shapes cannot be planned or foreseen, with the folding process behind the work creating new inter-space “void image”.
She is not looking for the traditional characteristics of the porcelain – the thinness, fragility, transparency or whiteness.
Simcha chooses to work with a large verity of colors since color is a powerful communication tool it has the ability to connect with human and emotional psychology, reflecting our way of acting and our worldview.
Her sculptures are a metaphor of life itself full of contradictions: tension and balance, expectation and surprise, planning and chance, limited and unlimited and always in motion.