Miguel Vazquez

When we find something that motivates us passionately, we throw ourselves wholeheartedly into this unknown universe. Miguel Vazquez has found in the vast world of ceramics his own channel of expression and since the beginning has not given up on his quest to shape his own narrative language while staying honest with his inner world in order to find out what his heart is dictating to him. It is no easy task to maintain these coordinates with so many obstacles to overcome so as not to be diverted in the pursuit of success, so common in the attempt to receive fleeting recognition. This is why at certain times, when situations overcome him, he growls and descends into the depths fighting hellish battles only to finally rise up triumphantly from the ashes. His works leave traces, trails of restlessness,
sensitivity, and devoting to each one with care and affection the time needed to renew his own formal language unhurriedly, step by step, through the materialization of his emotions.


Miguel Vazquez


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