Peter Goloshchapov

We perceive contemporary reality as a moveable, flexible space in which the past, present and future simultaneously exist and mix. We are interested in a process, which excites us with its unpredictability, in which a person simultaneously takes the role of the creator and the laboratory mouse. Creativity becomes a game in which each next step brings us closer to the limits of conventional everyday life.

We lived in one of the residential districts of Moscow, among the lifeless scenery of paneled high-rise buildings, where you can quite acutely feel as if you’re located in a vacuum. The surrounding emptiness was the catalyst for creating our own mythology of the place that filled its dead shell and turned that gray everyday life into an incredible, mysterious and exciting adventure. This discovery was the starting point that influenced not only our perception of a particular place, but also the whole feeling of the world, which turned into a huge artificial forest, a new home for the “digital native”.

We are interested in the extent to which the technological world invades the inner world of man. What changes are happening, what we are sacrificing, and what we get in exchange. By plunging into our half-real, half-fictional space, we help its inhabitants materialise and find their place here. At some point we ourselves become them and are given a clue for the next step.


Peter Goloshchapov


Country, region
Russian Federation



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