Tetsuya Tanaka

My work is a Contemporary art and also a craft. I think always, and I would like be able to offer their critical point. Recently, I am trying approach to contemporary art from ceramic art. We as a potter, make vessels. I am making vessels for invisible or things without shapes and volume. For example vessel for sounds, vessel for time, vessel for light or rays. KAGAYAKI is vessel of lights or rays. I made KAGAYAKI body by translucent clay. I illuminated it with LED lights from inner.
My work is a Contemporary art and also a KOUGEI which mean Japanese craft. I have tried to create artworks by the new ceramic technique or idea developed from the basic and traditional way of KOUGEI. I am challenging to create my works with the aim of the fusion of KOUGEI art and contemporary art. I hope be an artist who will expand a new style or area with possibility of my pursuit for this fusion and will greatly contribute to the ceramic culture.