Vassos Demetriou

Throughout my work, I have consistently been preoccupied with researching into Cypriot soils and stones, experimenting therefore, with clay, glazes, terra sigillata and alternative firing techniques, and consequently interpreting in visual forms and creative expressions, ideas and notions around Place, Spaces and Forms/Art-Objects of Cultural and Geopolitical Exchange.
Cyprus and particularly my hometown Famagusta, are places of multiple and diverse cultural and geopolitical exchanges that go back in the ancient times; places of both, cosmopolitanism and conflict. These crossings of diverse forces and energies have been an inspiration in my long years of ceramic art practice and have been, therefore, embedded and manifested in my various series of art works.
Ancient amphorae, ancient and modern rituals and the Mediterranean as a Topos of multiple readings and possibilities -from the ancient times to now- have been a source of great inspiration, amongst others, throughout the body of my work.
As a result, my art ceramic practice has developed around an ongoing visual engagement and creative manifestation in respect to notions of identity; looking into identity, as an amalgam of historicity and newness, which is open to fluid, diverse and multiple readings.
Since 2017 I have been organizing experimental ceramic workshops using clay and terra sigillata made with Cyprus natural soils and stones. Teaching and passing on my knowledge, expertise and experience, particularly to the new generation, is as vital for me as creating. It forms an exciting bridge for continuing and expanding the long tradition of ceramic art in contemporary grounds, in both local and international students, while forming exciting new channels for communicating and creating.