Luisa Maisel

My work is inspired by my social environment, personal life and political convictions. I usually work for one year or more on a particular theme or series. My sculptures often take the form of Face-to-Face portraits or treat accumulation, through Stacking & Piling. In the latter, I question the value of everyday objects and the symbolic appropriation that we lend to those objects.
As far as the material is concerned, I am fascinated by the clays complexity, it’s transformation from solid to liquid, from raw earth to fired art, its contrast between clean and dirty, rough and glossy, dull to crafted magically. The freedom in form and expression, the glaze painting and the multiple firings intrigue me constantly. The primal clay, our earth, distinguishes our territory, nationality, cultural heritage and ancestry…


Luisa Maisel


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Me by Anthony Girardi
Me Shigaraki Japan
Me Memoire