Sandra Ban

Sandra Ban, a seasoned interdisciplinary artist with three decades of experience, currently thrives in a sustainable studio nestled in nature. Her artistic journey revolves around clay, eco art, and collective performances of sculptural ceramics, seamlessly blending visual, applied, and performing arts. Inspired by the nexus of science, art, and spirituality, her work embodies harmony and depth.

Graduating in Venice and refining her skills abroad, Sandra’s artistic evolution was profoundly influenced by her living in symbiosis with nature in forest studio. Her anthroposophical approach to art delves into the depths of consciousness, utilizing abstract representations and contemporary prose to foster societal unity across diverse cultural and artistic domains.

As a versatile artist and educator, Sandra is affiliated with prestigious art organizations like HZSU, HDLU, ULUPUH, MATICA HR, HOMO FABER …and the AIC International Academy in Geneva. She frequently represents Croatia on the global stage, earning recognition such as the First Prize at the International Residency of the National Ukrainian Museum of Ceramics in 2018 and participation in the European Contemporary Ceramics Triennale in Denmark in 2019 and 2024.

Sandra’s distinctive body of sculptural ceramic work has garnered acclaim across Croatia, Europe, Asia, and the USA, adorning esteemed museums, galleries, and parks worldwide. Her art serves as a bridge between the material and spiritual realms, enriching the contemporary art scene with its profound exploration of human existence.

Discover more about Sandra Ban’s boundary-pushing artistry at #sandrabanart.