Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics

AeCC is an entity made up primarily of local governments, to promote the value of ceramics in their municipalities, their ceramic heritage, cultural tourism and economic and social development based on an element that they have in common: ceramics.
To do so, they work in a network and coordinate their efforts, share experiences and knowledge among themselves and also cooperate with other European associations of cities of ceramics in France, Italy and Romania through the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Cities of Ceramics.

– Create and promote a network of cities linked to ceramics.
– Protect and enhance the ceramic heritage.
– Contribute to the development of the artisan sector linked to ceramics.
– Promotion of quality marks or designation of origin.
– Promotion of cultural tourism based on ceramics.
– To exchange experiences and knowledge between partners and other institutions through communication campaigns and the organization of conferences and technical seminars.
– Promote training and innovation in the ceramics sector.
– Foster economic, social and cultural development that is sustainable and respectful of the environment of member cities.
– Biannual Congress of the AeCC
– Technical seminars
– National Ceramics Awards
– Communication actions: Website, electronic bulletin and others
– International actions with European partners.


Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics


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