editorial N°1

Lecture during the 2018 Congress in New Taipei City


This webpage is focused on the general theme of “New Orientalia – Functionality, Spirituality, Diversity”. Linked to the 48th Congress of the Academy, this web page invites you to discover some articles and lectures done during the IAC Congress 2018 in New Taipei City. 



Lectures: Functionality

Functionality addresses the practical and technical aspects of clay encompassing the aesthetics of ritual and use.

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Lectures: Spirituality 

What is the artist’s spirit, concept and content embedded in the work?

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Lectures: Diversity

Diversity accentuates the interrelatedness of ceramics and its crossovers into other aspects of cultural expression.

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Articles linked to the 48th IAC Congress in New Taipei City.

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editorial N°0

Academy is a place of discussion, exchange, and reflection to share knowledge.

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The IAC editorial has just been inaugured in 2016. It is a platform for the relevant issues concerning ceramics

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