Thematic Members' Exhibition - On the Edge

Thematic Members’  Exhibition


The Thematic Members’ Exhibition is the first IAC virtual exhibition and was inaugurated during the 2021 IAC Congress.

Frédéric Bodet, curator and IAC member, in collaboration with Jacques Kaufmann, president Emeritus, the Executive Committee, the Office, and with the technical support of the agency Designers Unit in Paris, have done incredible work to create this exhibition.

Subtitled “Remain Upright” by Bodet, this exhortation to stand upright, dignified and combative in the face of adversity encountered over the course of a human lifetime, could very well summarise the mindset flowing through this exhibition.

The exhibition composed of 41 artist proposals selected from an open call by the IAC exposes a common thread among all artists: their works put into focus the sorry state of a world where the principal of all for all, operating generally at the bottom, to the rhythm of a rapid economic and cultural globalisation with appalling consequences (limitless liberalism, over-consumption, mental conditioning, dramatic climate change), leaves a large part of humanity destitute, weakened, by the wayside… suffice to say “on the edge.”

Yet, from these unanimously worrying observations emanates a lot of hope, conviction and strength. Through a veritable wealth of creative proposals, the artists prove a sense of responsibility and a remarkable desire for resistance and vigilance.



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Maarit Mäkelä, “Piéta”, 2019


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