Treasure Bowl Collection 2



20 mondes. IAC Treasure Bowl Collections I-II

21.05.2022 – 08.01.2023
at the Keramis Ceramic Centre, La Louvière, Belgium

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Keramis presents for the first time the 20 bowls constituting the 2 editions of the Treasure Bowl Collection, initiated by the IAC, in the exhibition “20 mondes”.

The bowl, the brick and the figure are the three archetypes of ceramics [1] in the same way that feeding, self-defense, perpetuating the species, self-representation and the representation of the world around us are among the founding characteristics of human activity.


The Council of the International Academy of Ceramics has the great pleasure to bring you the second edition of the “Treasure Bowl Collection”, presented under its title “Appropriation” by our curator Ludovic Recchia.

The bowl is an object we can put to our lips and, in view of the current global context, anything of that nature seems more precious than ever before. The launch of the Treasure Bowl Collection 2 coincided with the emergence of the Covid crisis, which descended on the world, covering it with a veil of anxiety. The theme of appropriation proposed at the end of 2019 appears in a new light now in 2021. 

The IAC Treasure Bowl Collection simultaneously honours the functional and artistic possibilities of the bowl, which unite poetry and praxis in a celebration of humanity’s shared bond beyond cultural and geographical borders.

[1] We take the liberty of introducing this text with this expression dear to Jacques Kaufmann. 

Born out of a brainstorming session of the IAC Council in September 2015, the concept of a special IAC edition of works, curated and produced by IAC members, resulted in the public launch of its first edition in 2017-8. We extend our sincere gratitude to the first edition’s curator, Misun Rheem (Korea) and to all the artists who enthusiastically contributed to enlightening the theme “Native Clay” through the diversity of their styles, thus beginning the series. The artists represented in the first collection come from diverse cultures and individually have made their artistic voices heard internationally. They represent their countries as well as embrace a universal spirit of generosity toward others, symbolised by the bowl’s act of giving and receiving.

The very same can be said for the second edition, which proposed that the selected artists begin by referencing selected pieces of art in the collection of Belgium’s Mariemont Museum, of which Ludovic Recchia is head curator. To quote Ludovic Recchia in his first presentation of the theme: “Along with borrowing and quoting, appropriation is a common mechanism in post-modern art. Appropriation can sometimes be an act of contesting established values, sometimes a tribute to the past and its traditions…”

Please contact the IAC Secretariat for further details, by email or by phone:
/ +41 22 418 54 76.


The artwork in this second edition were made by:

  • Yo Akiyama (Japan)
  • Andile Dyalvane (South Africa)
  • Ken Eastman (United Kingdom)
  • Wayne Fischer (United States)
  • Steven Heinemann (Canada)
  • Guillermo Jorge Mañé (Argentina)
  • Nathalie Lautenbacher (Finland)
  • Bai Ming (China)
  • Monika Patuszynska (Poland)
  • Jo Wonjae (Republic of Korea)



The IAC Executive would like to thank all the artists, who deserve our deepest gratitude for the excellence of their work: Yo Akiyama – Japan, Andile Dyalvane – South-Africa, Ken Eastman – UK, Wayne Fischer – France/USA, Steven Heineman – Canada, Guillermo Jorge Mañé – Argentina, Nathalie Lautenbacher – Finland, Bai Ming – China, Monika Patuszynska – Poland, and Jo Wonjae – South Korea.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the curator of this second edition, Ludovic Recchia, who gracefully gave shape to the values of the International Academy of Ceramics.

We also express our sincere thanks to the IAC secretariat, who ensured a smooth development of the project through coordination of all the logistics over the past year.

Last, but not least, the IAC wishes to extend its gratitude to the Patrons and Institutions, which supported in the past and hopefully will support in the future the development of this project, demonstrating their trust in the IAC.

If the Treasure Bowl Collection N°1 represented the successful birth of the project, the second edition indicates a strong will to continue. Let’s wish that when the IAC will be in its third edition, the Treasure Bowl Collection will be appreciated as a project to last on the long term!

Photographic credit: Guillaume Mausset




The content of this catalogue are protected by IAC copyright. 

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