Roberta Griffith

I am a practicing artist, exhibiting ceramics, drawing, painting, printmaking, hot glass, and mixed-media installation art nationally and internationally for over seven decades. My artwork is included in major museums, public and private collections in Spain, Mexico, Italy, England, Sweden, Japan and the USA. Although I am known mainly for ceramics and ceramic installations, I have won significant awards in drawing, painting and printmaking. I draw, paint and work with clay by hand and on the potter’s wheel. I make 2-dimensional art, both figurative and abstract, as well as 3-Dimensional art composed of sculptures and installations that are conceptual, yet may include trompe l’oeil ceramic objects. I might combine collage and mixed media in my 2-dimensional art to create images, as well as text images. In addition, I have used decals made from my drawings of text that I have kiln-fired onto 3-dimensional objects. The ceramic process lends itself to multiples and variations on a form, which I take advantage of as a ceramist. As a ceramic designer, I have developed tile murals for architects and designers with multiple sizes, some with five variations from which to select to compose a mural, plus ceramic lamp bases and hanging lamps that have been put into production. My personal artworks, sculptures and ceramic mixed-media installations serve as vehicles for exploring deeper levels of meaning that the viewer may approach from his or her perspective, level and understanding. I develop ceramic objects, sculptures and ceramic mixed-media installations to tell stories and present my vision. Overall, I am interested in evoking associations of places and their cultural manifestations that I have come across through research, archaeology and world travel, as well as allude to human foibles, human mortality, the cyclical nature of life and death, and universal shortcomings, natural and man-made.