Joëlle Swanet

The spirit of Asian ceramics impregnated with sacred intention and wabisabi philosophy have left traces in my work. Achieving a strong expression with few materials is my challenge : my pieces are made using only clay, throwned slowly on a potter’s wheel before a single-firing, mindfully keeping its essence.

« Inside-Outside » and the balance to find between « what people show » and « what they live » has long been a guideline in my work.
My most recent sculpted-on-a-wheel ceramics are looking for balance, joy, freshness, happiness, lightness… Afterwards, light sometimes enhances the movement. They can be seen in different positions, evoking unpermanence : each position other images arise, like when staring at clouds in the sky.
I’m guided by the idea that our representations of the world create reality. The way one sculpture is showed, the lighting, as well as the position completely modify perception: it is a metaphor for the human capacity to change the prism through which we seen our environment.