Wen-Hsi Harman

Wen-Hsi Harman 陳文曦 (1984- ) is a Taiwanese ceramic artist, based in Somerset, United Kingdom.

Wen-Hsi ‘s ceramic practice investigates the concept of ‘in-betweenness’ between her homeland Taiwan, and her second-home Britain. Living away from her homeland gives her a ‘clear’ perspective of the culture in which she grew up. At the same time, this makes her think about her cultural identity as she has been living in the UK for 14 years. Sometimes she feels she is an ‘outsider’ as she experienced some challenges. The cross- cultural experience provides her a platform, a space to negotiate who she is and how she can express and communicate her experience of in-betweenness. Its a place where she can survive and breath to help her cope with these challenges of living in two cultures.

Wen-Hsi creates a series of ceramic works based on handmade sculptural porcelain spoons, fingerprints, bananas, and traditional Chinese characters to explore tension of cross-cultural identity, between the East and the West through clay.