Julia Feld

Through my work I attempt to deal with psychological issues and examine emotions and feelings in depth. We as humans are subjected to inevitable changes during our lives. Physical transformations are obvious and foreseeable, but I am interested in studying psychological triggers that are responsible for human behavior and reactions. What are we afraid of, what do we love and hate; how do we interact with others?
I create a narrative by combining a three-dimensional form with a painterly surface. An abstract figurative shape becomes a base, an armature for my story. It is like the paper that a book is made from, and my paintings are the printed words. One doesn’t make sense without the other.
In my creative process I explore the integration between sculptural form and the painterly surface treatment. My sculptures convey the inner-world of a person – a world remembered or imagined from the past; a world of a dream, or a nightmare; a world of unfulfilled expectations.
Before jumping into the creation of an actual work, I research the subject and make sketches to get a general idea how the work will look, but so often the idea develops itself and takes over. I like to let it go and follow the creative flow. All of my work is hand-built and hand-painted with underglazes.


Julia Feld


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