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Current membership consists of over 1000 members, representing 81 countries from all continents.

Formal and artistic information about each individual or affiliate member can be consulted on the personal pages below.

Members can complete their respective personal pages in the private member area.



  • David Kirschenbaum
  • Jung-Ho Lee
  • Richard Rogers
  • Viviane Sabouret
  • Hannelore Seiffert
  • Chao Liang WU


Expert.e scientifique

  • Expedit Evariste Ago


  • Nigel Atkins
  • Marianne Brand
  • Hanspeter Dähler
  • Helen Drutt
  • Marianne Heller
  • Bettina Køppe
  • Lucy Lacoste
  • Tomoko Tanioka

goodwill ambassador - cultural promoter

Member of honour


  • Fiorella Cottier


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New Members 2023

The Academy welcomes its 125 new members of 2023.

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Members of Distinction

Members Emeritus and Members of Honour are members of distinction of the IAC.

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The Academy respectfully pays tribute to its past members.

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Prizes and Awards

This page is dedicated to prizes and awards that are won by our members in the context of prestigious international competitions.

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IAC Awards - Themed Members Exhibition 2018

To honour the Academy members' works, the IAC Executive committee awarded 4 prizes.

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